At the Gallery!


Our carvings are good for the cottage, home or garden, but because we are in cottage country and we focus our carvings on that market. At the gallery there are seventeen different carvers on display, and you can peruse their carvings inside our showroom, or walk through the sculpture garden in the back of the gallery. Our specialty is to put a smile on your face, and each year our goal is to offer something different.

Custom Carvings by Neil

One of the main carvers Neil Cox thrives on taking commissions. He loves working with your vision, and then bringing it to life. If you have an idea or a spot in your home where you would like a carving, let us know. Neil is our human anatomy expert, but he is slowly also learning his animal anatomy. Customers have ordered ospreys, eagles, wolves, and lots of owl. Check out some of Neil’s carvings below.

Carved Benches!

These are a great success, but each season Neil and Walter only have a limited amount of time to carve these. We hire a young student each to set up the benches, and then we carve them up. Slowly we are adding to the designs, and the configurations. We find they look great at our gallery, but even better in a landscaped setting near the lake. Check out some of our creations below.