Our Story.

The Carving Gallery offers unique sculptures for your cottage, home or garden. There are at least eighteen different wood carvers on display, and each carver brings out his own unique style and sometimes humor in the wood. Each year we grow and evolve, and each year we are lucky that repeat visitors come back to see what is new. We display our art in an indoor and outdoor gallery, and our simple goal is for you to leave with a smile on your face.


Most of our carvings are directly sold from our showroom, what you see is what you buy. Bark Carvings, Cedar rail tree spirits, and fun loveable bears are some of our most popular carvings. Most of the carvings only function is to put a smile on your face, and help decorate your home or cottage. However the last years we have started to make benches that not only make you smile, but also give you’re a functional place to sit. Being in cottage country, we mostly carve to cater to that market. However if you do not see what you are looking for you can also see if you can order a Custom Carving.

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Carved Mantles!

We have hidden this talent of carving mantles from our customers, and only the lucky few have had one carved for them so far. However in 2014 we started our permanent show room of mantles. You can use the designs we thought out, or come up with your own, and then we will carve it to the size mantle you would like. It does require a little patience to get your mantle, since we carve them only during the fall, and winter. However they are well worth the wait.

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On site Carvings!

Slowly more and more are popping up around Haliburton. They are Carved by Walter vanderWindt, the owner of the gallery, and they are done early spring, and late fall. Customers come in inspired what they have seen carved on other properties, or will design them along with the carvers input. It is a wonderful addition for anyone’s yard, and truly a fun and rewarding undertaking for both the carver and customer.

Most of them are done in people’s yards, but check out these carvings that are done onsite in people’s homes. Support posts, and staircase newels aren’t safe, and it will make any home unique.

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Tree Houses!

Crooked and whimsical, we find they delight young and old alike. We had a great timber framer build them for us, and he has built several other buildings and tree houses for us. Unfortunately he retired from it, and for us this will be a future project to get back to. Our big tree house might be sold soon, only to make room for a new future creation. The tree house was the best way for us to scream out to our customers that “WE BELIEVE IN FUN!”


Visit Us!

If you want to experience the best in Canadian sculpture, a trip to the Carving Gallery is in order. Ranging from detailed faces, smooth soapstone or shaggy chainsaw looks, the Carving Gallery has something for every garden or home. Stop by our in and outdoor gallery and soak it all up. Enjoy the drive up to Moore Falls on Hwy 35 and see the magic for yourself!

Carving Gallery
8995 Highway 35
Moore Falls, Ont
K0M 2L0

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